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Being in control of your finances


Spending money without guilt​

Banishing arguments about money

Effortlessly paying bills

Subduing credit card debt / school loans

Knowing you're making the right moves


When I become your mentor, you'll have a knowledgeable advocate committed to understanding you while giving you a safe place to pursue your dreams and overcome your worries.


I can help you go further and faster than if you tried to figure out everything on your own.

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As a young professional wanting to thrive financially, you can use your time advantage to organize yourself around The Financial Success Formula and launch yourself toward financial success.

The key is to start early. Get oriented, take control, make plans, and start investing in yourself and your future wealth before too much life happens and your opportunity fades away.

How do you start? Well, you can get ideas from internet articles  (aka random clickbait and come-ons) or talk to people you happen to know (aka a small random sample). But will you know when you’ve got the information you need to make a smart plan? Will you have the confidence and bandwidth to implement your plan? How much of your life will you spend second-guessing yourself?


Let me humbly suggest you don’t have time to mess around like that.

Here’s an idea: get a mentor who’s lived the full cycle from new grad through decades-long working life to financial independence. Leverage templates and a step by step process crafted to maximize financial awareness and execution simplicity. Gain an advocate who understands where you’re coming from and who’s focused on setting you up to win. Get up and running as fast as you're willing to go.

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I found your webinar inspiring in the way that you laid out tangible and relatively easy steps to get control of your finances. It's an essential topic that should be taught in school, but isn't and so most people really don't have a clue about it. It certainly made me want to start taking more steps for myself! I think the webinar also only scratches the surface and gives a broad overview so it leaves a lot of room to dive much deeper into the topic if you so choose.


Jim is an evangelist for financial success. His main motivation is to share the practices and mindsets he has used to achieve a high level of financial freedom. His motivation stems from his having a mentor when he started out, who put him on the proper path to smart money management. Jim is motivated to pay this gift forward. After engaging with him you will have a jump start on being financially successful without having to reinvent the wheel.


Wow, that was way better than I expected! I've heard some of this stuff before but the way you presented it made it a lot more meaningful to me.


Jim gave my husband and I an in-depth understanding of our finances and helped us set up systems to make management streamlined. We are now more organized and purposeful with our spending/savings to set ourselves up for financial success...thanks again - super helpful  and motivating to get things going.


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Free Resources

Video Series: The Path to Financial Happiness

Series of 5-minute videos laying out the key principals for creating a great financial life.

Download: The Financial Success Formula

A structure for your best financial life today and tomorrow
Your surest path to financial prosperity
The method of self-made millionaires
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SmartStart Personal Finance is a financial education and coaching company on a mission to help young professionals master money.

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"I mentor young professionals to overcome financial frustration and confidently create their best life."

Jim Ames, Founder
SmartStart Personal Finance

Having achieved financial independence during his 35 year corporate career, SmartStart Personal Finance founder and mentor Jim Ames is focused on helping others set themselves up for financial success. "I was extraordinarily lucky to have a great mentor point me toward a winning financial path. My goal is to do the same for young professionals who could be succeeding but never got the financial knowledge, practical guidance, support, or confidence to financially launch."